Pumpkin pie

Welcome in the Autumn with warming winter spices and seasonal pumpkin. Halloween season is nearly upon us!

Pumpkin risotto

I love a risotto. It does take a bit of effort to make, but the results are well worth it.

Stingy Jack

Stingy Jack, was a drunken trickster who invited the Devil for a drink

Olive, Pumpkin & rosemary bread

This recipe requires a starter recipe, which you can find here, this takes about a week to establish, but once going is ready to use any time. Great dunked into soups and stews. Ingredients: 500g strong bread flour 10g salt 160g sourdough starter 20g bread yeast 250ml warm water 1 large rosemary sprig (finely chopped)…

Apple & pumpkin soup

The perfect autumn soup – sweet apples, mixed with pumpkin and warm spices. 

Pumpkin beer

Every October I make a big batch of this to see me through the winter. It makes a lovely dark ale, with a slightly sweet tone from the pumpkin