The kidnap of Idun

‘OK’ said the eagle ‘Bring me Idun, and her magical fruits that keep the Gods looking so youthful.’

The marriage of Njord & Skadi

Loki grabbed a rope, tied one end to a goat and the other end to his, erm… manhood. What followed was one of the most painful games of tug of war that anyone has ever witnessed

The first story

This is a story of fire, and ice. I’ve embellished it a bit, but that’s my right. Before the world is here, before grass, or sand, or cool waves, there is only fire, and ice, and the gap. When the fire meets the ice in the middle of the gap, great rivers grow, roofed with…

Baugi’s journey to Asgard

This is my twist on a traditional English folklore story. Once upon an old road, there was a giant named Baugi. One day while on his travels, he decided to be done with the Gods for good. He formulated a plan to bury Asgard under a pile of rocks and soil. So he stole a…

The marriage of Njord and Skadi

The Gods were celebrating. Idun had returned to the hall and the giant Thjazi had been slain. This called for a great feast and celebration. There was mead and meat, cake and balloons. Well…maybe not balloons, but you get the idea. Thor was on his 11th horn of mead when the doors to the hall…