Cro roll

Robert Mitchell told me about this one at Auk’s White horse moot 2018. His Mum used to make it when he was younger. It’s based on a recipe from a friend of hers, who is from Croatia. It was always known to Robert as ‘Cro roll’ though we have no idea what it was originally called.

Soft fresh cheese

This is really easy to make. It will keep, if chilled, for up to a week, but the flavour will mature. It tastes great spread on fresh sourdough or sprinkled into a salad.

Midgard serpent pie

The idea for this one comes from a Moroccan M’hanncha or snake cake. It’s usually a sweet dish, cooked as a pudding. Make sure to allow enough time to cool the filling after cooking.

Cheese scones

a simple recipe for cheese scones and who doesn’t like cheese scones!

Nettle pesto

A simple, light and fresh tasting meal in the Spring and early Summer.

Idaho sunrise

Due to the long cooking time of the potatoes, this is probably more suitable as a brunch than a breakfast. However with a little bit of forward planning, you could cook the potatoes the day before, or us leftovers from a meal.

Cheese straws

Perfect food for the coming party season. Try adding a little paprika, chilli or garlic for an extra twist.