This blog began as a way for me to take notes for myself on the recipes that I use and the progress on the garden. What it has evolved into is more of a way to try to encourage people to have a go themselves. I often have people saying to me ‘I wish I could do what you do’ and the simple fact is – you can. There is nothing special about me or the things I make, if anything I simplify recipes that I find, as they are often too long and complicated for my liking.

I have been dabbling with baking and cooking for a while, and brewing my own wines and beers for a few years, with some success’ and many failures. More recently, since the birth of our daughter, I took over the Kitchen and cooking duties at home.

This led to me being asked to write a cookbook and, with help from my wife, is now complete and available on Amazon.

What I really liked about writing a book was that I got to experiment with a lot of recipes and find my own ways of doing things. It got me thinking about the food my Mum and Nan made, lost family recipes and the different ways of doing things. I discovered an excitement, and a real enjoyment for cooking, baking & brewing, but more so, for me, I love other peoples enjoyment of the things that I make.