Thors goats

Thor’s goats

It had been a good days travel, and Thor and Loki had started out early. But even gods need to rest and more importantly said Thor ‘I need to eat!’

They happened upon a small holding and decided to ask the farmer if they could stop for the night, in exchange Thor would slaughter his goats for dinner. And why wouldn’t he? It was no cost to him, he would just revive them with his hammer, Mjolnir, in the morning and be on his way, the farmer none the wiser.

When they settled down to eat with the farmer and his 2 children, Thor asks that they leave all the bones, unbroken and place them onto his cloak on the floor.

But Loki loves nothing more than to play tricks on Thor, and whispers to the children of how delicious the marrow in these bones is ‘you will never have tasted anything so sweet and tender, and besides Thor is just being greedy and keeping it all for himself – he has already eaten more than the rest of us!’

So the children break into one of the leg bones, suck out the marrow and hide the broken bones in the pile with all the others.

Morning comes and the time comes for Thor and Loki to be on their way. So Thor gathers up the bones, and uses his hammer to revive the goats, ready for the days travel ahead. But all is not well, one of the goats has a lame hind leg!

This makes Thor furious. He storms back into the farmhouse, where the farmer and his children are just sitting down to breakfast. ‘You broke my goats leg’ he screamed at the farmer.

‘No, no I didn’t I swear. I did just as you asked and left the bones in your cloak’

Loki sniggered to himself.

‘LOKI! I might have known you would have a hand in this. What did you do?

‘Why would you think that?’ asked Loki ‘it was the children – I saw them’

Thor raised his mighty hammer and was about to bring it down upon the children, but the farmer stood in his way and begged ‘please don’t kill my children! It’s not their fault – they were tricked. Perhaps, instead of killing them, they would be more use to you, alive…as your servants?’

‘Very well’ said Thor ‘but I’m not hanging around waiting for them. We leave immediately’

And so they continued, on foot, leaving the goats behind.

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