At the beginning of the world there was bear. Bear owned fire and tended to its needs and kept it fed. In return fire warmed bear and his people on cold nights.

One day bear came to a great forest full of tasty acorns, so he put fire down at the edge of the forest, and proceeded to eat the acorns.

Gradually bear and his people wandered deeper and deeper into the trees, hunting out more and more tasty acorns.

After some time fire got hungry and called out to bear ‘feed me!’ but bear and his people were too far away to hear, so fire called out again, but louder this time ‘FEED MEEE!! please?’

But it was no use. Fire started to dwindle to small embers and get weak. Just when it was looking like the end of fire forever along came man.

‘Hello?’ said fire in a weak voice.

‘Hello’ said man.

‘I’m hungry’ said fire. ‘Can you feed me?’

‘I don’t know what you eat’ said man. For man had never seen fire before.

‘I eat sticks and logs and woods of all kinds’ replied fire.

So man gathered up some small pieces of wood. He placed the wood at the North side and the south side, the west side and finally the east. Fire flickered orange and blue, growing taller and brighter.

Man went off into the forest to gather some larger pieces for fire and fed them to it. Fire leaped and danced with delight.

Man continued to feed fire and warm himself by the heat of fire, watching the dancing flames. Man and fire were very happy together and man fed fire whenever it got hungry.

A long time later, bear and his people returned from their forage in the forest, looking for fire.

But fire was angry and hissed at bear and said ‘I do not know you!’ Fire blazed so brightly that bear had to shield his eyes with his paws.

‘You left me to go hungry and nearly die, but man saved me.’

Fire roared and flared at bear, the heat sending bear and his people fleeing into the forest.

And ever since then fire has belonged to man.


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