Baugi’s journey to Asgard

This is my twist on a traditional English folklore story.

Once upon an old road, there was a giant named Baugi. One day while on his travels, he decided to be done with the Gods for good. He formulated a plan to bury Asgard under a pile of rocks and soil.

So he stole a huge sack from a nearby farm and got to work filling it with rocks, soil and anything else he could get his hands on.

It was quite a long journey to Asgard and Baugi wasn’t one for paying too much attention, and so, here’s the thing – he got lost.

Luckily there was a man walking towards him, so he stopped him to ask directions. He was an old looking man with white hair, a long beard and appeared to be blind in one eye.

‘excuse me, sir’ said Baugi, I’m looking for Asgard, am I heading the right way?’

The man looked down at the holes in his boots and back up at the Baugi

‘You know’ he said ‘I’ve been looking for Asgard for quite some time myself. I forget how long, but my beard was black at the time I began my journey.

This threw Baugi into a rage and so he dumped his sack at the side of the road, and stormed off, leaving the old man alone.

Odin shook his head and laughed to himself ‘giants are too easily fooled’.

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