Generally we try to eat seasonally. In summer we look forward to the first courgettes, and then spend the rest of the season eating various recipes that make use of courgette. We find new and interesting ways to use them up, making wines, jams and cakes. By the end of Summer we are sick of them, and glad to move on to something else, like pumpkins.
I think that there is something in this. We, as a species, have become too used to ‘on demand’ and don’t like to wait. We can buy most fruit and veg, all year round.

I look forward to each season, and what it brings, picking sloes and blackberries in the Autumn, or elderflowers in the spring.

The reason things like social media don’t make us happy is because they are never-ending, and humans like things that finish. So perhaps the never-ending streams of food from the supermarket are adding to the un-happiness in our lives.

Seasons end. Fruit and veg go out of season, until the next year. We live in cycles and circles. Perhaps if more people lived seasonally, there would be a little less sadness in the world.

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