Vegan pancakes with honey and raspberry

With pancake day approaching we needed to come up with an egg and milk free pancake for my wife, who, since being pregnant, has developed an allergy to them.

Swapping milk is straight forward enough, but what about the egg? Well it turns out that you can use the juice from a can of chick peas, or any legume, as an egg substitute in almost any meal. It goes by the name of Aquafaba. 

Don’t worry the pancakes don’t end up tasting like chickpeas. The almond milk also gives a great flavour to the pancakes, but Soya or any milk would also work.

I like to make mini pancakes using crumpet rings as they are a bit easier to handle.


300ml almond milk
100g self raising flour (sieved)
Pinch of salt
Dairy free spread, like Flora freedom

2 tablespoon of juice from a can of chick peas (lightly beaten)

To serve;




Add half the milk to the flour and salt and whisk to a smooth mix. Add the rest of the milk and the chick pea juice and whisk again.

Place a couple of crumpet rings into a small frying pan. Add a small amount of spread to each ring. Pour some batter into the rings and cook on a low heat for several minutes.

Carefully remove the rings and flip the pancakes. Cook for a few more minutes, until golden in colour.

Serve drizzled in honey and with a handful of raspberries

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